Day 2 – Letter to someone who has past away


Dear you,

           I miss you – everyday. It isn’t as hard anymore, but somedays I think of you so often and I have to try my best not to cry. There are all those little things you left behind as memories of you. Some of them actual physical items, some memories, and some must common everyday things that relate to you. Every time I go to a cemetery it brings back memories of tear filled eyes, makeup streaked faces, outfits of all black. over-sized flower bouqets, and your body being lowered into the ground – to be covered in dirt and grass – never to be seen again.

       Yours was the first major loss in my life other than losing things like my first tooth of course. And I didn’t understand back then just what it all meant. I do now though and I’ve shed enough tears since then to makeup for my past childish ways. I love you always and miss you.




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