Write one leaf about floppy discs

At first when I saw this one, it made me kind of mad.

I used to have a super super old computer that was a “hand-me-down” from one of my mom’s friends. It had belonged to her daughter. On it I found a whole bunch of music. Alot of it was older crap like brittany spears, etc. Then I found a folder that was “unknown.” I listened to it and ended up loving alot of the music in that folder except they were all just titled “Track 1,” etc. So when I decided to get rid of that computer and get a laptop I wanted those songs and my mom told me she’d take care of it.

Well I got my laptop and the next thing I know my mom is handing me a floppy disc saying “I put all those songs on here, but you laptop doesn’t take floppy discs.” :/  What the heck mom! That doesn’t help me at all! (I didn’t really say that to her though! I’m a good child.)

I ended up accidentally finding two of them. One of them was a super old coldplay song and the other one my sister had gotten on a burned cd from one of her friends and i recognized the song. That day I was sooo happy about that! But I’m still aggravated that the rest of the songs are pretty much lost forever! 😦


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