Write one leaf about teasing.

There are different types of teasing in my opinion. There’s the kind where you’re “just kidding” and then they kind that is actual hurtful. I”m refering to the hurtful kind. If you have a problem with someone, then just leave them alone! You have no reason to want to make somebody else feel bad or insecure. We all just want to be loved for who we are…

And this brings me back to what happened to a friend of mine a week or so ago. He’s not one of my extremely close, but people did and said stuff to him that I don’t approve of and no matter how much you dislike a person I dont think you should be this cruel to them.

So my friend is bi. And alot of ppl suspected him of being gay all along, but not alot of people actually knew for a fact that he’s bi. His cousin on the other hand did know. She used to be really close friends with him and they always hung out. Then she started dating this one guy, and my friend didn’t approve of her boyfriend. He told her that and she got really mad and they got into an argument. Now she basically hates him. So in their english class she started telling people that he was “madly in love” with a guy in our school. And this guy is someone that nobody likes. So basically she was just being a jerk, but the guy ended up hearing about it, so every time he’d walk past my friend in the hall, he’d cover himself with his books and tell my friend to stop staring.

Then in english his cousin started teasing him again, and everyone in the class joined in. My friend started crying. He’s a sophmore, and he now hates almost everyday of his life, and fears highschool!

Teasing is bad, and has caused people to fall into depression or comit suicide! It’s not a laughing matter and people should really watch what they say!


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