Write one leaf about Wal-Mart

This is a rather coincidental topic since I went to Walmart this weekend. It wasn’t the best trip ever though, let me tell you! My mom has recently befriended a lady at her work who is super sweet, but her son is a brat!..and he ended up coming along with us. ug.

The whole time we were shopping in the mall he was being a pain and whining about everything. When we got to walmart though he wasn’t all too bad.

My sister and I actually wanted to play the guitar hero but it wasn’t working. So he tried to help us. We restarded it and everything but nothing would work. So we asked for help from the guy at the desk. I swear that guy was high. You should’ve seen how he acted. But we asked him if it was working and he says “well look at it! of course it is!” and he tried to press the buttons but nothing was working. So he starts making weird “hmm” noises and restarts it and goes “THERE! Now it’ll work I know it.” When it came back up he says, “there ya go! all better. see.” and the screen looked exactly as it did before he “attempted” to fix it.

So my mom’s friends son was there with us and we all just walked away asking each other “so what drugs do you think he’s on” and we were laughing our heads off!

Then we went and played with cameras before we left.

Overall it was a fun day!


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