Write one leaf about armor

Brace yourself! This one came up on tumblr twice so I felt I was meant to write about it.

To begin with, typically I just think of “armor” as a metal suit from medieval times. So I decide to look it up on dictionary.com and it came up with:

  • any covering worn as a defense against weapons
  • any quality, characteristic, situation, or thing that serves as protection

So based off that, I’ve decided to write a poem on it. Here it goes:

Let down your defenses

Take off the mask

Remove the armor

I will not harm you

I know I’m rough

And I say all the wrong things

I’m sorry if they’ve hurt you

I just never think before I speak

And the truth is,

If you let down your defenses,

Take off your mask

and remove your armor,

You will see

All I ever tried to do was love you

I just wasn’t sure how

And I don’t want to push you away


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