Write one leaf about blowing whistles.

The whistle blows and we hear the command to put up our instruments. In perfect formation we are counted off and begin marching to the tune we play. Rehearsed till our feet were soar and the sweat dripped down our bodies. Our muscles ached as the sun began setting. We continued around the parking lot and down the road. The whole time knowing if we could get it right we could go home. We hold our heads eye and arc our backs. The whistle blows again. Someone was out of step! We are counted off and begin again. One more time around the block. The bugs come out and we start swatting. Our lines fall apart and the song we play is now only vaguely recognizable. The whistle blows for the last time. We are dismissed to go home. We all let out a sigh of relief….It’s the beginning of summer marching band practice.


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