Write one leaf about pinkeye

I want to start by saying, “I’ve never had pinkeye!”

There was one time though about a month ago where my eyes were super red and everyone thought I had pink eye. One of my teachers told me that I’d better to to the office and call my mom. So I did – The ladies in the office told me I’d better go home and when I called my mom she ordered pinkeye drops for me and called my boss and told her I couldn’t work that day because I had pinkeye. I didn’t go home though, because there was only 1 hour left that day.

So when I got home my mom sent me to my room and told me not to come out because she didn’t want to catch it. She gave me the drops and had me put them in continuously throughout that night.

When I woke up in the morning, my mom asked me how my eyes were. I told her they were still red and she asked me if they were crusty. They weren’t. She said maybe I should stay home but when she looked at them they were just red. By the time I was dressed and had breakfast they weren’t as red anymore so I went to school. While I was at school they got red again.

It turned out, it was because one of my friends had a banana both of those days during lunch (which I’m allergic to) and the smell (ridiculously enough) was irritating my eyes and causing me to have an allergic reaction! It was crazy!


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