Write one leaf about a place where you do not live but you nevertheless consider home

Chicago. I was born in Chicago. I lived there with my mom, dad, grandpa, and younger sister when I was younger. The day before my fourth birthday we moved to wisconsin. I’m 17 now. I remember when we were getting ready to leave I didn’t want to go. My sister and I tried to stall our parents. We had an old plastic table with pink legs on it that could be screwed off so we took them off. We sat down on the table and pretended the legs were logs of wood and that we had started a fire while camping in our living room.

I have a minimal amount of memories from when we lived there because I was so young. A good majority of my family does still live there though, so we visit often. Every summer we go to Illinois  to stay with my aunt for two weeks and during that time it’s typical to travel to Chicago 1-3 times. My uncle still lives in the city and he takes us around. He enjoys showing us all the spots where things have changed, where he used to go to school, and all his favorite spots.

A few months ago, him and his wife had a backyard wedding renewal ceremony. While we were in Chicago, my dad showed me the church where him and my mom got married in our old neighbor hood. As soon as I saw it, I remembered all the times on Saturday mornings when my grandpa would take my sister and me for walks to get doritos and then sit on those church steps eating them while he smoke his pipe with vanilla tobacco. I felt like I was home again!


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